Partnership to Success Review

Partnership to Success Review

John Thornhill - Partnership to Success

Welcome to my newest review of John Thornhill’s new event and program known as Partnership to Success. This program is set to go live on Tuesday, 28th January, 2014. However, John will release some cool free stuff one week earlier and I’m gonna share info about this free content here as well. So if you are in a hurry, you can visit the official website by clicking here. Or you may like better to check my Partnership to Success bonus offer.

As you may guessed, information about Partnership to Success program are very rare at the moment but as time of launch approaches, I highly recommend you check back to get all the updates on time, so bookmark this site and stay tuned.

 Who is John Thornhill?

There is no telling where an Internet marketing genius will spring from. In the case of John Thornhill, that place would be the auto assembly line. After dropping out of school at 16, John would go on to spend the next chapter in his life working at manual labor jobs with most of his work experience on the repetitive production line. You can either surrender to that mind numbing work or be on the prowl for bigger and better opportunities. Fortunately, John took the high road and has helped hundreds of clients turn their online businesses into success stories ever since.

Welcome To The Internet

His introduction to the Internet came in 1999 when John picked up his first computer. Right away, he realized there was a lot of opportunity to make money online. His first foray was knocking around eBay looking for a way to capitalize on all the money being generated by online auctions. He found small success selling phone accessories that way, but was looking for more.

Early Success

In 2004, John Thornhill came across an opportunity that would redefine his career. After purchasing a collection of eBooks, John decided to re-brand and re-market the tomes as individual information products. These books caught on and soon John was generating $1,000 in weekly sales income through eBay alone. That is when it dug deeper and found a way to automate his business. That’s when things really began to change for the better.

Building on the experience he had marketing his info products, John set up his first member website. This was and it was an instant hit. This lead John into his current full-time career as an online marketing strategist.

Going Beyond Google

A while back, John was promoting his line of products through the mighty Google Adwords tool only to be kicked off that site. Instead of taking this as a defeat, John turned into a victory and found a way to attract over 2 million visitors to his site without the help of Google. He used that information to write his best-selling book “Simple Traffic Solutions.”

Continuing To Build

Today, John has set up a powerful network of blogs and websites offering valuable insight to hundreds of visitors every day. As any good Internet marketing maven should, John keeps visitors up to date with his many helpful blogs. These include:

• Five Dollar WSO
• John Thornhill’s Masterclass Blog
• One Month Mentor Blog

His long list of available products to help with Internet marketing strategies include:

• Affiliate Promo Formula
• Auto Article Profits
• Auction Profit Streams
• How Do I Start Online
• Multi Profit Websites
• Resale Rights Blueprint
• The 90 Day PowerSeller
• The Affiliate Masterplan

The amazing amount of information that John provides on his website is constantly being updated. John is happy to share what he has learned and is continuing to learn every day. He accomplishes that goal by making himself available for one on one coaching sessions. He is proving that with the right combination of drive and focus you can become your own boss. Yes, he is redefining Internet marketing.


Free Video Training

John is releasing a free series of video training, here are what you learn from them:

Video 1: In this video, after introducing himself and his journey online, John touches a critical aspect of online businesses which is why people fail online. He covers nearly all the reasons why any marketer can fail and not fulfill his Internet dream and what everyone should do to avoid this failure. Click the official website link above to watch video 1.

Video 2: This video covers the first 2 keys of the 3 keys to success online. The first key is something most people ignore (actually it reminded me of something I’m missing and I did it after watching the video even before writing these words)!! The second key is the core of the training, so now click the official website link above and go watch this crucial video now.

Video 3: This 3rd video of this free training covers in some details the 2nd key to success and how to go through different steps of having it ready and what potential you can expect from it. Again you can just visit the official site from the link above to watch this video.

Video 4: This is the final video of this free training where John reveals the most common 5 traffic tactics to sell a product. These tactics are specific to getting traffic to your own product. Watch the video from the link above.

Partnership To Success Review

Do you want to really succeed online? Did you try many online courses but most of them turned out to be scam? Did you lose more money online that what you earned (if you even earn anything online)?

John Thornhill is launching Partnership to Success training to overcome all the above problems and help you succeed in your online journey but he insists you follow his training till the end and he guarantees you success with your very first trail (what I would do is to do what he asks for then ask him for what he guaranteed!!)

Many people have taken John’s training and made thousands of Dollars online (I’m not inventing this but this is a static truth and the lowest success was about $5000 in sales from the very first attempt). John is confident about his training, so he will give you his official office phone number and address so that you can arrange a time and meet him personally.

Actually, this product is endorsed by Clickbank in their newsletter which is rare thing to happen and if you know, Clickbank is very tough and strict these days and if they endorse a product, this means one thing and one thing only: This product works.

So, what is in it for you?

Partnership to Success is out to achieve mainly 3 things:

1- Help you succeed online by creating your own info products.
2- Teach you everything you need from A to Z (it starts from the very basics) till you are a pro.
3- Allow you partner with John and his students to promote your product for you as affiliates when you are ready.

How the course is delivered:

Partnership to Success is a 12 month step by step coaching program delivered in small videos where each video covers one element of the process, so you can easily digest and apply what you learn (Big Tip: Don’t wait till the end, apply what you learn immediately after you learn it).

The training is divided into weekly courses in addition live weekly webinars where you can interact directly with John and other members (Big Tip: You can partner with another member and launch together a killer product).

PTS Video

What you learn in the training (all in details not like the free videos):

1- Building an online presence.
2- Product creation.
3- Sales Page creation (for the best conversion).
4- Membership site creation (for ongoing regular profits).
5- Recruiting affiliates (to promote your product).
6- Driving traffic (the core of any successful online business).
7- Schedule a launch (John and his students will promote your launch as well).

Members will have access in addition to the coaching videos and live webinars:

1- Recorded webinars done in earlier trainings from John.
2- Consultation videos from other members.
3- All the courses created by John.
4- Training courses by other partners.
5- Courses created by John’s students.


This launch is on clickbank which means you have 60-Day Money Back Guarantee (no questions asked). This is a huge advantage, so you can follow the training for 59 days and if you didn’t like it, you can simply get all your money back.


I know the price is expensive but trust me: All the good courses are expensive!! No one will give you his secrets for $97 or so!!

This course has 2 options; the first is the full training that includes everything mentioned above for $1997. The second option is the lite version which does not contain the live weekly webinars for $997 (Huge Hint: My bonus will help you here).

This training is available for few days, doors will close exactly by the end of 6th February EST (when the countdown timer stops then it is gone)!!

Partnership to Success Bonus

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Now, you know what you need to know. You know what will you get as a member and how to get it. You also have my irresistible bonus offer. All you need to do now is to go to the official website and place your order while you still can.